Jamila Prowse Independent Artist / Writer
The Quiet Revolution of the Self Isolated (Art Work Magazine 2020)
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An essay for the first issue of Art Work Magazine, July 2020 exploring the ways COVID-19 have restructured access to the visual arts for disabled and chronically ill people. Thinking through both reasonable adjustments and culture being made available in our homes, and the move to flexible, home working with a prioritisation of individual needs as opposed to capitalist productivity and the commodification of the artist and art worker.

The essay is informed by Jamila's ongoing research, learning and un-learning around structures of care and support in the arts. It is built upon the foundation of her own experiences of ongoing mental illness she has had for most of her life, which were exacerbated last year as a result of unsustainable working structures in the arts, forcing her to completely restructure her approach to working and surviving in this industry. The context of COVID-19 has opened up the potential to really scrutinise the structures we work within and consider alternative potentialities which do not lock out individuals or communities.