• Jamila Prowse - Photoworks Annual 26
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Photoworks Annual 26

Photoworks Annual 26, celebrating 25 years of Photoworks as an organisation, with Guest Editor Jamila Prowse. Jamila did research into Photoworks' Archive, and invited in curators, writers and photographers to reflect on the history of photography between 1995-2020 and where the medium will go in the future.

Artists featured in Annual 26 include Ibrahim Azab, Helen Cammock, Mahtab Hussain, Sandy Kim, Jason Larkin, Maggie Lee, Anthony Luvera, Muslim Sisterhood, Ute & Werner Mahler, Boris Mikhailov, Nina Mandahar, Marcia Michael, Ingrid Pollard, Kazim Rashid, Silvia Rosi, Nigel Shafran, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg and many more.