Moving Towards Rupture, Resistance and Refusal in Black Moving Image Works


Recipient of a GRAIN writing bursary 2020, enabling artists and writers to continue making work during lockdown.

"For this writing commission Jamila Prowse asks the question – In these isolating, politically rife times how can photography and moving image be used as a source of hope, as a way of collectivising Black communities, as a way to hold each other digitally and create space for both each other and ourselves? Her new essay analyses theories around the rifeness of images of Anti-black violence, situating the creation of images of Black joy and abundance within this context as a way to question how Black artists envision and imagine new potentialities for a world in which Black lives are not only valued but celebrated."

Full text here.

Works discussed (shown in photos):

contoured thoughts, video (still) by Evan Ifekoya, 2019

Towards A Black Testimony: Prayer/Protest/Peace, video (still), by Languid Hands, 2019

The Name I Call Myself, video (still) by Rhea Dillon, 2019

‘TAKE UR FOOT OFF MY NECK’, video (still) by Kai Isaiah Jamal, 2020