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Workshop for Deptford X Support Network

Practicing Care for Ourselves and One Another

How do we build support systems that are sustainable and accessible within the arts? Working as an artist, curator or arts professional can be an isolating practice (particularly when freelancing), curator Jamila Prowse will share the strategies she has been researching and learning to support the wellbeing of both herself and the artists she works with. As a mixed race practitioner with ongoing mental illnesses, Jamila will include a consideration of how to navigate working with institutions if you have specific access needs that restructure the way in which you work (including writing Access Riders, as informed by the work of Leah Clemments, Alice Hattrick and Lizzy Rose).

In line with the BLM movement, Jamila will discuss how she is challenging herself to be more vocal in ensuring the contexts that she is working within are supportive and sustainable for both herself and Black and PoC artists and practitioners (and the obstacles she has encountered around this in the past).

A handout produced for the workshop can be found here.