Dancing in Peckham


Dancing in Peckham, Peckham 24, May 2019

Dance is a universal language of expression. We dance alone, in the privacy of our own homes; we dance together, in pairs and in groups, forming communities based on shared likes and experiences.

Dancing in Peckham explored the intersection between dance, music and movement through contemporary photography, performance and video, celebrating how these freedoms of expression helped define different communities. Artists included Lotte Andersen, Marie Barrett, Amar Ediriwira, Bernice Mulenga, Lilian Nejatpour & Rebecca Salvadori.

Peckham 24 is a short festival of contemporary photography that takes place during Photo London week across warehouses, galleries and art spaces in one of London’s most exciting and dynamic artistic quarters. In the spirit of this year’s theme Collaboration x Community, Photoworks, Der Greif and Webber Gallery share a space to explore different perspectives on a common theme, Dancing in Peckham. The three days of photography, performance and music included live performances on Friday evening and Saturday day.

Curated by Jamila Prowse for Photoworks, UK. Produced by Photoworks.

Installation view Dancing in Peckham, Photoworks 2019 c.Piotr Sell